JUNXJO releases Maji Manji design Sticker in an effort to create consciousness about the origins of this universally known and controversial symbol. In Japanese Buddhism, the Manji design is an ancient and important spiritual symbol, it’s origins tracing back to the Sanskrit Language. The Manji represents the harmonious interplay of the many opposites in life. The balance of Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, Yin and Yang, etc. In Buddhism, the Manji is thought to represent the footprints of the Buddha.

As a symbol, the Manji’s power resides in its simplicity and balance. It’s geometric purity allows for legibility at any size or distance, and when on its axis, the whirling square gives the illusion of movement.

“My personal experience with the logo was when I went to Japan years ago and I would see this logo all over the place. Over time I realized that this had a much deeper meaning and history which even more so today we need to rally around.” says JUNXJO.

In Mesopotamia it was used on coins, and the Navajo nation wove it into blankets. It has been found on ancient pottery in Africa and Asia. It was sometimes used as a single element, but often it was repeated as a series of interlocking designs to form a border on a garment or in architecture, as was common in Roman times.

JUNXJO aims to balance that hate with education about the controversial symbol’s peaceful origins and foundations of harmony and balance.

Sticke size 6" x 4"